The data and science of safety culture

the missing element in safety performance

Measure, understand and shape your safety culture in real-time so you can make better decisions for your workers.

Measure, shape and understand your safety culture in real-time so you can make better decisions for your workers. 

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An integrated solution that aligns safety
leaders and front line workers.

Measure and understand your safety culture in real-time.

Deploy surveys and analyse results in real-time.

Turn data into actionable

Access reports, KPI's and learning material all in the one place. Available anywhere, anytime.

Enhance safety

Set KPI's to enhance your safety culture performance backed by over 40-years of safety experience.

Finger on the pulse

Create and deploy surveys with ease. Create your own or use our templates that are based on evidence-based social psychological principles

Real-time results

Get a holistic and real-time view of your culture.

Insights on the go

Our cloud-based technology allows you to turn insights into action in the field.

get insights that matter to you

Slice and dice the data so it is meaningful to you and your business needs.

Set actionable culture goals

Our team of safety psychologists work with you to achieve safety culture KPIs.

Stress-free delivery

Save admin time and engage key stakeholders with a collaborative platform.


Stay up to date with issues that are important to your workforce. Our machine learning tool is an extra pair of eyes that highlights key issues and problematic areas.

Track sentiment over time

Track what your workers are saying in the field and respond with targeted safety initiatives.

collaborate across multiple locations

Our chat app allows leaders to easily manage safety culture initiatives from their pocket.

get the right insights in front of the right people

Share results, trends and goals with a click of a button.

Big impact in real-time.

Watch a 90-second video to see how we can help you. 

Track and monitor safety cultures on a global scale.

Our platform is designed to help safety leaders collaborate, monitor and report across multiple sites and markets. 

The missing element in safety performance.

We knew some cultural issues were in the way of us becoming the safety organisation we wanted to be, but we were having some trouble describing and quantifying them. As a result, we did not know where to begin to address them, Culture Radar has helped us measure and monitor our culture in real-time so we can make the right decisions for our people.

Kyle de Souza - Alternate Underground Manager at Saracen Minerals Holdings Limited.

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